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Technological specialties of production of composite steels



  The basis of “A&R” Company” technology is diffusive welding of steels and alloys of various composition. Very big demands are made to the quality of a surface. The preliminary surface treatment is made by high-precision modern flat grinding machines, milling machines. Some materials are exposed to sandblasting. Before compacting workpieces are degreased in ultrasound bathtubs, preparation of surfaces is carried out by methods of electrochemical activation.

High quality of diffusive welding processes of high-alloyed steels is provided by creation of the active controlled atmosphere. For one production cycle depending on structure of composition is made the block with 30-300 layers. If necessary the received block is forged, is finished and is exposed to further diffusive welding.

After diffusive welding the block is forged on pneumatic hammers in a square or a strip. Square workpieces are twisted and are forged once again in a given size strip. In such way is produced the damask with a pattern "Twist". If twisted in different directions workpieces are forged in squares and again are exposed then to diffusive welding, is made the damask with a pattern “Turkish band”. For receiving various stamp patterns ("Wild", "Steps", "Big Rose", etc.) the block is forged in a strip and the received workpieces are exposed to surface uneven deformation on subpress dies. Different types of patterns are formed after finishing on a surface.

To decrease the hardness of workpieces, which are delivered to the buyer, in electric owns is made the softening annealing.

To the customer workpieces are shipped already polished.