«A&R» Company delivers the billets to the customers according to individual sizes and as grinded. This fact must be considered while placing the order. First of all you must decide which steel composition, quantity of the layer and kind of the pattern you are interested in. The order shall be sent to e-mail (Contacts).

The order must contain:

1. Grade of the composition.

2. Quantity of the layers.

3. Pattern

4. Sizes of the billet, mm

5. Heat treatment (soft annealing or hardening).

6. Quantity of the billets

7. Your e-mail.

8. Contact phone

9. Post address: postal code, country, district, city, street, bld., name and last name (in full).


If you have questions regarding the ordering options you can ask us by phone or e-mail (Contacts).


The delivery period is 15-30 days depending on the availability of the foundry billets on the warehouse. In case of the individual order the production time shall be agreed additionally.


The cost of the composition (damask) steel depending on the grade of the composition, quantity of the layers and pattern shall be calculated in rub/kg. It is applicable the system of progressive discounts.



Please note!

Please note that our site has new service «Сalculator», which can help you to calculate the cost of the billets as per your sizes and of the steel composition chosen by you.



Length, mm

Width, mm

Depth, mm *

Theoretical weight of the billet: kg.

Choose the composition:

ZD-0801 ZD-0803 ZD-1407 ZDI-1014 ZDI-1016 ZDI-1416 ZDI-0225 ZDI-Elmax ZDI-Vanadis10

Heat treatment
Quantity of the layers and the pattern:
150, "Twist" "Pyramidа" "Steps" 300, "Wild" 600, "Wild" "Turkish"
The price of your billet:
* - A tenth must be issued with a point