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"Damask as a poetry. PROРЕЗ №2 2013

In these latter days the knife market has seen a variety of mosaic damask: both poetic damask from Pierre Reverdy and powder mosaic from Scandinavian and American blacksmiths and indeed our masters hold own the foreigners.


«Citius, Altius, Fortius!» of the story of one record. PROРЕЗ №6 2013

All that the man is so constructed that he always wants to demonstrate his superiority over the compatriot. It could be sport or modern life. But what is the moving force of the people in their ambition to be the best? Are these really only the ambitions and the vanity, maybe there is something else?

The structure of three Zlatoust bulat. 2008

The chemical composition, the structure and hardness of the samples of the steel which belongs to the bulat blade of Anosov has been made, (1841 ), bulat blade of Obuhov (1859) and bulat billet of the Shvetsov crucible steel

The metallographic research of the structure of the cold arms being manufactured in Zlatoust metallurgical factory in the 19th, beginning of 20th centuries

The publication contains the dates regarding the structure and chemical composition of the carbon steel for the cold arms, being manufactured in Zlatoust metallurgical factory in the 19th, beginning of 20th centuries. The analysis of the structure of the steel demonstrates the common tendency of the development of the metallurgy both in Urals works and in the world in common.

ZLADINOX conquers Europe

Two hundred years ago the German masters from Solingen came to Zlatoust to study the Russian craftsmen for steel forging art and Damascus. At present the pupils demonstrate damask to the teachers, which inspire their wonder.


On the Ural's side


Bulat passion

The secret of the bulat steel has been lost, but up to now shall be made the attempts to revive the technology of its manufacturing, to discern the secrets of the masters of the ancient East. I am sure that every step of the modern science in this direction is of the utmost interest. I would like to put the readers in touch with the results of the searching of the original samples of the Anosov's bulat being carried out jointly with the academic V.M. Schastlivtsev and Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences D.P. Rodionov from the Institute of Physics of Metals of the Ural's department of the RAS.


To battle with a mystery

BULAT. Over the course of history this word excites the mind of the humanity, he is accompanied with legends and myths, and the technology of bulat receiving is suffering the strange metamorphoses — now will be lost, now opening and lost again. Over 170 years the history of our town is also connected with the town.

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