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   Zladinox (ZLAtoust+Damast+INOXidable) under such name the “A&R” Company” has represented on the market its new product – carbon and weatherproof composite (damask) steels. For technology introduction the «A&R” Company” has involved experts from "BulatGrad" Ltd, the Institute of Physics, metals and metal science of the Urals Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Central laboratory of facility of Magnitogorsk Iron&Steel works  and other competent institutes, has bought and established modern heating, forge-pressing and other equipment.

   New compositions have been presented at exhibitions "Blade", "Arsenal", IWA (Nuernberg, Germany), Macher Messe (Solingen, Germany), S.I.C.A.C (Paris, France) and others. And at once new production received recognition from numerous consumers in Russia and abroad for high operational and decorative properties.

For a designation of new compositions the “A&R” Company” began to use the first letters from name Zladinox: ZD – carbon low and average alloyed compositions, ZDI – carbon high-alloyed weatherproof compositions. First two figures in a designation correspond to the average maintenance of carbon, second two figures – to the average maintenance of alloying elements (chrome, molybdenum, vanadium, etc.).

For example: ZDI-1016 – high-alloyed weatherproof composition with the average maintenance of carbon 1,0 % and the average maintenance of alloying elements - 16,0 %.

All compositions are made with a various quantity of layers (150, 300, 600 and more), surface patterns ("Twist", "Wild", "Turkish" etc.). The metal is delivered for consumers as a polished hammered band according to the sizes defined by the customers.